Safety Information and Rules for use


All bookings should be made online.


All arrivals should be 30 mins in advance of departure time.

Safety instructions before departure

  • Arrive 30 minutes before boarding time, receive your ticket, and follow the staff instructions to get on safely.
  • If the ticket is lost, boarding and refunds are not possible.
  • The seating capacity of the Railbike may not be exceeded.
  • Crossing the track is dangerous.
  • Children and the elderly must be accompanied by a guardian.
  • The main user must embark first and keep the brake in the on position while all other passengers embark.
  • All users must use the seatbelts provided in each seat.
  • Do not operate the rail bike device before the start signal.
  • Please drive slowly according to the guidance of safety guidance personnel.

Safety rules while driving

  • During the Railbike operation, do not stop suddenly or act irresponsibly with other passengers.
  • For safety reasons, sudden stops, speeding, unauthorized disembarkation and stopping are prohibited.
  • Maintain an appropriate speed so your Railbike does not collide with the Railbike in front or behind you.
  • Always keep a safe distance between Railbikes.
  • Be careful not to get your hands or feet caught in the part where the chain rotates or between the wheel and the rail.
  • No Flowing Clothing or Loose Footwear permitted.

Safety instructions upon return to Kiltimagh Station

  • When getting off the rail bike, operate the brake to stop the Railbike and keep brake applied until Velorail Staff apply the handbrake.
  • Await instruction of Velorail Staff before disembarking.
  • Ensure all of your belongings have been removed from the Railbike before disembarking.